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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther King

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As the Horse of Many Colors, our mission is to provide Support, Love, and Awareness to the community around us. As we unite in this great charity we strive to ease the burden of those affected by all cancers. If we are able to give one individual the hope and courage to fight this brave battle we will consider our mission a success.

Our Mission: About Us


Mona and The Pink Guitar

We began in 2013, at the Tough Enough to Wear Pink Rodeo during the Mountain Valley Stampede in Heber Valley. That night, Bob McPhie rode into the arena with a guitar in his hand. Not just any guitar, but a pink one at that. I thought to myself, "Oh! we get to listen to Bob sing tonight." 

As the rodeo progressed, I forgot about the guitar and enjoyed the night's festivities. Later on, the announcer said they were going to auction off that pink guitar Bob had been holding at the beginning of the night to raise some money for the families of local cancer patients. Money that stays in our own community to help families who are dealing with cancer take care of the little expenses that just keep adding up. 

The auction got underway and I just sat there watching people bid up the guitar. After a while, my husband, who was sitting behind me at the time, nudged me and said, "Aren't you going to bid?" "I don't have a thousand dollars!" I replied. He gave me one of those looks that see into your soul and just smiled. "OH! In memory of your mom!" I said. His mother had just passed away the week before from bone cancer.  With a nod from my husband, my hand flew up to place my bid. Before you knew it, I had bought that pink guitar. I was so excited! Funny thing is I don't even play the guitar.

The money raised that night was divided up between three local families who were dealing with cancer. What a great feeling it was to know I'd played a little part in easing their burden.

A few months later I ran into Jon Provost. He said, "Hey! I was going to give you a call. I was just wondering if you might be willing to take over the Tough Enough to Wear Pink night." I was sure they could raise more money - a lot more - so I was excited to take it on.

Traditionally, wearing pink denotes raising funds for breast cancer, but I wanted to include all types of cancer in our quest for fundraising. So The Horse of Many Colors program was born. We want to help as many local families as possible. Remember - All donations stay in OUR community to help those who are dealing with the heartache of this terrible disease. 

Our Mission: About Us
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